Closed Beta Hotfixes - Feb 8-12

Kristi Kristi Follow Feb 12, 2021 · 2 mins read
Closed Beta Hotfixes - Feb 8-12
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This week we have a number of small fixes from live testing our latest Collections release around Galleries, Projects, and the Public-facing Portfolio.

  • Fixed an issue where adding a YouTube video link to a Project would error.
  • Improved the user experience when uploading an image, it now properly shows the loading spinner while the uploading is happening.
  • Ground work has been laid to support multiple image uploads at the same time. This will take a little more testing before it is ready for live, though.
  • Added a “save & close” button to captions for faster editing.
  • Adjusted gallery and project image loading so that it fades in instead of jumps around during load time. Note: This required the reversion of the css-based dynamic height in favor of a set height of 255px for all image thumbnails. We will keep an eye on this and tweak it further if necessary.
  • Fixed a bug with project load where the thumbnail metadata wasn’t included in the request.
  • Fixed a bug with the text overflowing on the dimensions lable on project files when between lg and xl widths
  • Added a file size limitation of 4MB to uploads. This was being reinforced by the server already, and when you exceeded it, the UI threw an error.
  • Fixed an issue where our servers would cache old HTML data, causing search & social share data to be out of date or incorrect on projects.

If a project has more than 6 files, an uploader block will appear at the bottom of the list as well as the top, for easy drag & drop access:

Known issues in progress

  • Quickly checking and un-checking the boxes to add/remove a project to a collection can sometimes error out. This will get an overhaul in a future update as we are changing the way the data is saved to address this.
  • Quickly jumping between a portfolio’s gallery and about page tabs can cause the banner image (artist profile) to flicker.
  • The ‘Manage Your Portfolio’ page is not optimized for mobile and is pretty much unusable in vertical phone browser views.
  • Right-clicking an image in some browsers (to view it) can prompt a download instead. This will be addressed by adding a “slideshow/fullscreen” feature to project detail views in a future update.
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