Open Beta Hotfixes - Mar 1-5

Kristi Kristi Follow Mar 05, 2021 · 1 min read
Open Beta Hotfixes - Mar 1-5
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Here’s this week’s roundup of changes!

We are officially in Open Beta!

We removed the wait-list flag from new user accounts, so as to streamline recruitment in an upcoming promotional campaign.

Added Mature Content Filter & Opt In

Because if we don’t, we could get in big trouble. :)

Images flagged as mature content will display a blurry generic thumbnail for anyone viewing the site that has not opted-in to viewing mature content.

How Mature Opt-In Works

When a user clicks on a mature thumbnail, or navigates directly to a project that is mature, they will be presented with an opt-in modal:

Like other settings on the site, the preference is stored in LocalStorage. A person only has to opt in once, unless they clear their local storage settings. After the first opt-in, all mature content will be visible throughout the site.

Misc Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where draft project thumbnails were not being hidden from view on a public site. This should only have affected viewing your own portfolio, as the server is smart enough to filter them out, but it was confusing as heck.
  • Updated the mature toggle switch to allow toggling mature on and off while in draft mode.
  • Updated the behavior of the project collection assignment to the new API pattern, which is adding/removing them all with a single save instead of the more problematic save-on-demand format.

Added Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

Please review them when you are able, as using the site means you agree to them.

Written by Kristi Follow
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