Open Beta Bug Fixes - April 10-16

Kristi Kristi Follow Apr 16, 2021 · 1 min read
Open Beta Bug Fixes - April 10-16
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Hello everyone! Here’s our roundup of fixes posted this week. Thanks so much for your reports and ideas, please keep them coming! :)

Login Fixes

Fixed an infuriating issue where auto-completed email/password on the login page would not be detected as “filled in”.

Artist Profile Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with adding usernames to your account profile when it had a dot (.) or underscore (_). Our testing now properly reflects the username validation that social networks use.
  • Fixed an issue with Twitch account names not saving, and added Twitch to the About page link list.
  • Updated the validation logic on Discord account names to allow a hashtag #.
    (note: discord usernames are not yet added to the about page link list)
  • Fixed an issue where some URLs would incorrectly load as relative. We now appropriately check to make sure the https:// prefix is on there, if it is not, we add it for you. :)
  • Fixed an issue where if you hit the save button twice in a row, sometimes the banner image would try to upload and throw an error. Whoops!

Major updates to the mobile experience

We have invested in a live mobile testing platform, which afforded us the ability to test a lot of our app on real mobile devices!

The area in greatest need was “Your Portfolio” page. We hope it’s much easier to navigate now on your mobile device. We made some touch-ups to nearly every page on the site, but if you run into any further issues, please let us know.

That’s it for this week. We have a lot of great stuff cooking up, and the coming weeks will be very exciting! Stay tuned!

Written by Kristi Follow
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